• Tourist Visa for Bhutan

    All travelers planning a trip to Bhutan must acquire an e-Bhutan visa before their arrival. Upon reaching Bhutan, immigration officials will stamp the visa in their passport at the entry port. It's important to note that Bhutanese embassies and consulates abroad do not issue tourist visas. All visitors traveling to Bhutan require a visa, with the exception of citizens from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, who have specific processes outlined separately.

    For visitors from India

    ● A permit is required, which can be applied for in advance or through a tour operator or hotel.

    ● No advance fees are payable.

    ● Alternatively, you can apply for the permit upon arrival, although there may be a wait depending on applicant numbers.

    ● If applying on arrival, you'll need a passport-size photograph.

    ● Travel insurance for the duration of your visit is mandatory and can be arranged beforehand or purchased upon arrival.

    ● The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) is payable when applying for the permit, either online or in person.

    For visitors from Bangladesh and the Maldives

    ● A visa is required, and the process is similar to that for Indian nationals.

    ● You can apply and pay the SDF online and arrange travel insurance before traveling, or do this in person upon arrival.

    We recommend arranging your permit or visa in advance to ensure a smooth travel experience.

    Steps to get visitor’s visa for Bhutan

    1. To visit Bhutan, you must arrange your trip through a registered local Bhutanese tour operator, such as our company.

    2. To secure your Bhutan tour, full payment must be made in advance. You should email a copy of the wire transfer payment to your Bhutanese travel agent.

    3. Your tour operator should receive a copy of the photo page of your passport at least one month before your trip for visa processing. They will then submit the visa applications to the Department of Immigration in Thimphu on your behalf. Typically, it takes one to two days to obtain the e-visa.

    4. Ensure that the scanned copy of your details, including names, passport number, and address, is clear and legible.

    5. The Department of Immigration will issue an "e-visa" for tourists through the local tour operator. This e-visa will be emailed directly to the tourists, who must present it when boarding their flight to Bhutan.

    6. For travelers arriving in Bhutan by air, the visa clearance number is transmitted to the relevant Drukair stations overseas.

    Duration of Bhutan Visa

    The length of the Bhutan visa is determined by the duration of the trip arranged through your travel agency, with a validity of 3 months from the travel date. The tourist visa fee is US $40 per person per trip, with an extension fee of US $40.

    Passport Validity

    Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

    Cancellation of tourism services in Bhutan follows specific guidelines

    1. Cancellation Fee A tourist can cancel a booked tourism service before the start of the service or during its provision by paying a cancellation fee.

    2. Cancellation Policy The cancellation fee is determined based on the cancellation policy of the respective service provider.

    3. Cancellation and Refund Guidelines If the service provider's policy lacks clear provisions for cancellation and refund, the Tourism Council of Bhutan steps in to resolve disputes. Here are the refund guidelines

    100% Refund: If cancellation occurs eight or more days before the effective date of service.

    50% Refund: For cancellations made four to seven days before the effective date of service.

    20% Refund: If cancellation is two to three days before the effective date of service.

    No Refund: Cancellations made within 24 hours or later from the effective date of service do not qualify for a refund.